Vision, Mission and Values

The Irish Charity Shops Association (ICSA) is the voice of the charity retail sector in Ireland. It is an umbrella representative association of over 40 registered charities who operate nearly 500 charity retail outlets throughout Ireland. ICSA was established in 2000 and is funded by its members.

Mission Statement

The ICSA supports the Charity Retail Sector in Ireland to:

  • model best charity retail practice
  • influence government policy
  • promote positive social, economic and environmental change


Represent charity retail in Ireland by:

  • Supporting and demonstrating the financial, social and environmental impact of charities on the wider community
  • Showcasing the environmental benefit of reuse
  • Demonstrating the contribution of charity retail to the circular economy


  • Be honest, open and transparent in all our activities
  • Act with integrity
  • Be trustworthy
  • Be inclusive by promoting diversity and inclusion
  • Value our volunteers
  • Support our members’ community engagement
  • Act as an advocate for sustainability through recognition of the climate emergency

Strategic Goals

  • Grow the Irish Charity Shops Association (ICSA)
  • Support ICSA Members
  • Influence Environmental Behavioural Change
  • Enhance ICSA Governance

ICSA Strategy 2022 – 2025

Through their charity retail outlets ICSA members raise vital funds to support their causes. The charity retail outlets enable individuals and communities to access a full range of clothing, furniture and household items at affordable prices. Charity retail outlets are a significant contribution to the public benefit remit of individual charities. ICSA members play a very significant and growing role in supporting the circular economy and environmental sustainability.

All ICSA members are registered with the Charities Regulator, the Revenue Commissioners and have signed up to the ICSA Code of Charity Retailing. ICSA members range from large national and international charities to small, local, community-based charities.

The ICSA supports members by lobbying and acting a representative voice for the sector, providing information and tools for best charity retail practice and celebrating the achievements of our members. To do this the ICSA is committed to continuously improving its own effectiveness and efficiency. In essence, ICSA supports members to achieve the triple bottom line of social, economic and environmental benefits.

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